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● Product Specifications and Pre-Purchase Notes
【Getting the esim method】1. After completing the order, an email containing a QR code and usage instructions will be automatically sent to your email address.
2. Use the QR code in the email to install the eSIM onto your device.
3. On the day you plan to use the eSIM, open WLAN and activate the eSIM from the settings screen.
【Description of data traffic】500MB/day

*When data usage reaches 500MB/24H, the maximum transfer speed will be limited to 128 kbps.
This speed limit is automatically lifted every 24 hours; at 128 kbps speed, it's almost impossible to make video calls or watch videos on platforms like YouTube, but you can still use Google Maps and send emails smoothly.
【Corresponding Country】Malaysia
【Carrier】Malaysia + Maxis
【APN Details】APN:cmlink
Username:Leave as blank
Password:Leave as blank
【eSIM Type】Data traffic only, no voice call/SMS capability.
【QR Code Validity Period】180 days (Will be disabled if not used within 180 days with eSIM).
【Customer Support】LINE Official Account:@014hhnww
Whatsapp:+81 70-9019-0818
【Notes】1. Your device must be SIM-free and compatible with eSIM.
2. Usage days are counted in local time from 00:00 to 23:59.
3. If the QR code cannot be scanned, please enter it manually.
4. Once downloaded, please note that the QR code cannot be scanned again.
5. Please set up the eSIM on your smartphone on the planned usage date.
6. When using Almond eSIM, please make sure to turn on roaming.
● Compatible eSIM Devices:
Compatible eSIM Models
SIM-locked device, Chinese domestic, Hong Kong and Macau versions are not compatible.
iPhone XR iPhone XS iPhone SE(Second Generation)
iPhone SE(Third Generation) iPhone11Later
HUAWEI P40  HUAWEI Mate40  Google Pixel4 Later  AQUOS sense4 lite
XIAOMI 10Ⅲ LITE  XIAOMI Redmi Note11 PRO5G  XIAOMI Redmi Note 10T
● eSIM Installation Steps::
● Customer Testimonials
  • Thomas TrevanianUnited States Great product with wide coverage. A fantastic product with easy selection, competitive prices, and outstanding coverage. We used the Asia eSIM package for trips to Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The experience was excellent.
  • Masakazu WatanabeJapan Very fast speed. Almond Almond eSIM speed is extremely fast. Emails for work and LINE messages had no delay at all. It's also very convenient for using map, ordering taxis, and other apps. When returning to Japan, I just need to delete the package, no need to rush to the airport to return the Wi-Fi device. Business trips have become much more convenient.
  • Jiang XialinSingapore Convenient, affordable, and fast Internet speed. Convenient, affordable, and fast Internet speed compared to renting Wi-Fi devices overseas or tuen on international roaming. Almond eSIM is truly convenient and affordable. Setting it up on my iPhone was very simple, and uploading pictures on Instagram and Twitter is very fast. I can easily share my travel stories with friends and family anytime.
  • Hika NagasawaJapan Easy setup, Almond eSIM is very useful. I can use the internet and stay in touch with my family while traveling abroad. The coverage is very wide, and the setup was simpler than I expected. I only needed to scan a code to use it. If I have any questions, I can contact customer support for excellent assistance.
  • HeidiGermany Excellent customer service, eSIM is very cost-effective. The customer service is excellent. It's my first time using eSIM, so I had many questions. However, I could contact customer support anytime, and they were very helpful. They resolved many of my concerns.
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